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This is a resource for teachers and students to find useful information in the subject areas of: social studies, geography, science, history, K-12 outreach programs, and the environment. This resource is updated on a weekly basis. If you know of a useful addition please contact the Earth Adventure Webmaster.
  • Environmental Sites
  • Science Sites
  • Social Studies Sites
  • Geography Sites
  • Schools
  • World History Sites
  • US History Sites
  • Museums
  • Outreach Programs
  • Resources Sites
  • Educational Materials
  • Sites For Teachers
  • Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory - Earth's biggest environmental search engine.
  • The Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment - A one-stop source of information on a range of atmospheric issues, including weather, climate, air pollution, acid rain, global warming and ozone depletion.
  • The Busy Person's Guide to Greener Livingâ„¢ - Promotes practical and useful guidance on sustainable living. Designed to take the difficulty and guesswork out of living greener everyday in every way.
  • Changes in the Antarctic Ice Sheet - view an animation of the changing polar cap. Classroom activity
  • Audubon Online - The National Audubon Society's homepage is a bounty of information on the natural world and includes articles from the magazine.

  • Bagheera: Endangered Species Web Site - Information on endangered species.

  • The World's Biomes - Contains useful and detailed information on aquatic, desert, forest, grassland, and tundra biomes. Created by a biology class at the University of California, Berkeley.

  • Canadian World Parrot Trust  - a nice collection of pictures and information about the world's endangered parrots. Links to additional avian sites.

  • E - The Environmental Magazine
  • earthday.org - source of Earth Day information and resources.

  • EarthDayOnLine.org - Environmental issues, how we can help, environmental links, and more. Brought to you by the Environmental Federation of New England.

  • Eartheasy - A guide to how we can reduce our impact on the environment and bring more natural values into our lives. The site contains over 75 pages of simple, practical ideas and earth-friendly alternatives to everyday lifestyle and consumer choices. The topics are presented in some detail, and can be used as a general resource for teachers and students, as well as a resource for families in general.

  • Earth Pulse: Monitor the Earth's "vital signs" through status reports, news items and interactive features with Nationalgeographic.com's Earthpulse

  • EarthRise - These photos were taken by astronauts out the windows of the Space Shuttle and other space vehicles. EarthRISE contains photos from the past 35 years and is a great resource for students, educators, and the general public interested in our planet.
  • Earthshots - is a collection of satellite images that show how the environment has changed over the last 20 years. The effects of droughts, fires, deforestation, urbanization, irrigation, desertification, and other natural events can be detected, measured, and analyzed using the data.

  • Ecological Terms - Alphabetized list of ecological terms.

  • Ecosustainable Hub - Ecology Environment Sustainability
    A comprehensive one-stop connection to resources and tools on ecology, environment and sustainability. Facilitating cooperation, networking and ethical developments.

  • EcoWorld - The complete source for information on species, ecosystems, and projects to preserve them, as well as a guide to earth-friendly products and services, eco-tours and green investing.

  • Endangered! - Exploring a World at Risk - Endangered animals, habitats and causes for endangerment. Excellent, comprehensive site.

  • Environmental News Network - Your link to environmental education and awareness. Check out the latest environmental news. Be sure to take a look at their multimedia section!
  • Explore a Pond - Grades 4-8 - This unit from the Utah Education Network collection offers a neat set of activities built around the ecosystems of small ponds. There is a collection of lesson ideas for several grade levles attached. For those without a pond nearby, there's even a virtual pond simulation that lets users select the way they want to populate their pond and then see how well the ecosystem functions. 
  • Friends of the Earth - Learn what you can do to be a better citizen of our earth.

  • Glacier - Information on ice, Antarctica and the Arctic. Did you know that only 2% of Antarctica is not covered by ice? Check it out!

  • Global Response: an education and activist oriented non-profit organization dedicated to disseminating detailed case information to students, teachers, and Eco-clubs about the most impending environmental crises. Also organizes international student letter-writing campaigns in response to these environmental emergencies. Classroom packets are available for teachers.

  • Globe Program

  • Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation Program - What's a Golden Tamarin? Kind of looks like a monkey to us. Find out nearly everything there is to know about the Golden Tamarin. Enter the drawing contest.

  • GREEN - Global Rivers Environmental Education Network.

  • Growing Planet  is a global community of volunteers. We are planting and cultivating trees with the aspiration improving the quality of life on planet Earth. We are a part of an on-going effort to replenish the earth's forests and reduce greenhouse gases to protect the Earth's ozone layer. Our mission is to teach others how to sustain the earth's natural resources. 

  • The Fabulous Kakapo - What's a Kakapo you ask? The Ancient, flightless Kakapo is the world's rarest and strangest parrot - really.

  • Kids FACE - Kids for a clean environment - Pro-active youth environmental organization.

  • Minnesota Pollution Control FrogSite - Deformed frogs found in Minnesota. What is the cause? Learn about the mystery of the deformed frogs. Check out the FROG CAM!!!

  • Nearctica ...a site with extensive links to information about the plants, animals, and the physical environment of North America

  • Rainforests Action Network - Take a rainforest quiz. World Rainforest report, rate of deforestation, and more.

  • Rainforest Alliance - Excellent rainforest resources and links. You can read the latest in rainforest news. Great student and teacher resources.

  • The Rainforest Site - Founded May 1, 2000 to help protect our environment. Visitors to The Rainforest Site can save a free area of rainforest with the "click of a button." These donations, distributed by The Nature Conservancy, are paid for by The Rainforest Site's sponsors.

  • The Raptor Center - The Raptor Center is an international medical facility for birds of prey. Their mission is to preserve biological diversity among raptors and other avian species through medical treatment, scientific investigation, education, and management of wild populations. Sponsor a bird through the Adopt-A-Bird program.

  • Reef's of the Gulf - Climb aboard your virtual submarine to explore the reefs of the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Rivers of Life - An interactive, on-line project dealing with water and watersheds.

  • The Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group - Eagle Migration, Paragrines, Golden Eagles, Burrowing Owls. Helping to restore endangered birds. A great site for raptor information.

  • Scorecard Home - An environmental information page that allows you to check out what chemical pollutants are in your community. Wow!

  • The Tiger Information Center - Dedicated to providing information to help preserve the remaining five subspecies of tigers. Includes: Tiger Adventures and Teachers' Resources.

  • US Environmental Agency

  • Voyage To the Deep - Go aboard the deep sea sub Alvin to the hypothermal vents in the Sea of Cortes to uncover the mysteries of the vents.

  • Water Quality - A nice resource for water information. Water cycle, forms of water pollution, the hydrosphere, and more.

  • Water Resources of the Unites States: Want to learn about water? This is the place to go for information on water quality, water use, acid rain, ground water, and more!

  • Water Science for Schools - Everything you need to know about water. Activity Center, Glossary of Terms, Earth's Water, Water Use Information, Picture Gallery, etc. Brought to you by the US Geological Survey.

  • Wild World - by National Geographic.com: Pinpoint Earth's richest and most endangered natural regions with Nationalgeographic.com's WildWorld

  • World Resources Institute - Information and research on forests, climate change, water resources, oceans and coastlines. Also includes regional and online resources.


  • Apollo 11 Lunar Mission (History Place) July 1969, the first mission to the moon. Learn about the crew, equipment, landing and more.

  • The Aurora Page - All about the Northern Lights.

  • Bug Bios - Explore a dazzling collection of insect macrophotography at this site, including up-close images of butterflies, cockroaches and mantids.

  • The Bug Club - For young entomologists. Do you want to cuddle a Cockroach, stroke a Stick Insect or hug a Harvestman? Do you find earthworms, beetles, bugs and other creepy crawlies fascinating or even exciting? IF YOU DO THEN THE BUG CLUB IS FOR YOU?

  • Cells Alive! - Cool site with animations and movies of microscopic organisms.

  • Charlotte the Vermont Whale - How did Beluga whale bones end up in a Vermont field, 150 miles from the ocean? This site tells the intriguing story of glaciers over North America.

  • Dinosaur Eggs - Online dinosaur egg hunt that reveals the latest discoveries of fossil excavators. View models of dino hatchlings.

  • Earth and Moon Viewer - Real time satellite image of the earth lets you see the difference between night and day.

  • Earthquakes - All about earthquakes! Devastation, Causes, Measurement, Preparation, Ask An Expert, Web Links and Lesson Plans. From Encarta.

  • Earthquake Information - US Geological survey provides interactive maps of the most recent quakes. Live in an earthquake zone? Check out the guide to Earthquake preparedness.

  • Understanding Earthquakes - Earthquake quiz, earthquake locations on a rotating globe, famous earthquake accounts, how they occur, and more!

  • Extreme Science - Here is an excellent place to practice finding extreme Earth and creature facts, using interactive tools..

  • Galileo K-12 Educator's Resources

  • Hands on Universe - Join Hands on Universe as a class, or browse their site. Students to investigate the Universe by viewing and analyzing images from an automated telescope and downloaded images from an image archive. Brought to you from Lawrence Hall of Science, UC, Berkeley.

  • How Stuff Works: Ever wonder how sunglasses work? If you have ever wondered how things work you can find out here. Extensive and well done site. Lots of fun for everyone.

  • How To Become An Inventor - Information about inventing, inventors, obtaining a patent, and everything else you need to know to be a successful inventor.

  • Inside Geology - A public forum for all matters geological. Great for students, university instructors, teachers, professional geologists, amateurs, and anyone else who seeks insight into the world's daily geological rumblings.

  • Home and School Science Activity Book a multi-level science resource in Astronomy, Chemistry, and Physics.

  • Inventor's Page - Have an invention... but don't know what to do with it? Look at this in depth site for all the answers.

  • Kennedy Space Center - Space shuttle, launch site and payload information. Photos, video, space resources, and more.

  • Kennedy Space Center Video Feeds - Images that refresh at your option, plus links to RealAudio and RealVideo NASA TV.

  • Learning Web  (USGS's) - web site dedicated to K-12 and life-long learning in the areas of earth and life sciences.

  • Mars: Mankinds Future Lies In Space - Awesome Mars site! General info, Pathfinder, Missions to Mars, life on Mars, Colonization, and more. Extremely interesting site!

  • Mars Web - Nice overview of the Mars Missions, Year 2000 and beyond.

  • Meteors & Meteorites - A great site for classroom research; with information, images and links to all kinds of basic information about Meteors, Meteorites, and Impacts.

  • Meteors and Meteor Showers - Interplanetary space is littered with rocks tens of meters in diameter or less. When these meteoroids strike the Earth's atmosphere at high relative speeds they leave visible trails created when the intense heat caused by friction vaporizes them. These are called meteors ("shooting stars").

  • Minnesota Science Teachers Association - Science standards links, a nice collection of categorized science links, job board, swap shop, and more.

  • Mysteries of Deep Space - Ask the Expert, interactive timeline, all about Hubble, classroom activities, and more!

  • New York Earth Science Teacher: links, lesson plans, conferences and interesting things relating to earth science.

  • Quest: NASA K-12 Internet Initiative - Online with the Space Shuttle, Mars Mission, connect with NASA people, along with Educational Resources and links.

  • The Science Club: Kid's Science Projects - Want to make a telescope, lava lamp, or antigravity chamber? It's all here!

  • Science Factoids - Fun Facts to amuse and inspire students....and colleagues!

  • Science Learning Network - a national consortium of Science Museums creating resources for elementary science education.

  • Science and Sports - Grades 4-12 - A high-tech look at the physics involved in hockey, baseball, and other sports. Younger kids can grasp the concepts; older students can learn the details. Includes sound and video clips, but they aren't essential to using the site.

  • Secrets of the Ocean Realm - Great Oceanography site: creatures of the sea, classroom activities, underwater photography and more... brought to you by PBS.

  • Sheep Brain Dissection - Learn about memory through the virtual dissection of a sheep's brain. From the Exploratorium.

  • Skateboard Science: The physics of skateboarding tricks - Interesting site from the Exploritorium.

  • Solar System Simulator - Take a look at the universe from any vantage point. Cool! Brought to you by our friends at NASA.

  • Spiders - An online elementary school teaching unit that includes lessons on spider characteristics, life cycles, catching of prey, and natural enemies. Everything you need to know about spiders.

  • StarChild - The StarChild Web site provides interesting information about outer space and space exploration. Read about the latest discoveries made by astronomers, as well as the accomplishments of astronauts-from trips to the Moon to building and working in space stations orbiting Earth. If you get stuck on a scientific word, use the StarChild glossary to look it up.

  • Strange Science - Ever wonder how people figured out there used to be such things as dinosaurs? Curious about how scientists learned to reconstruct fossil skeletons? The knowledge we take for granted today was slow in coming, and along the way, scientists and scholars had some weird ideas. This Web site shows some of their mistakes, gives biographies of a few of the people who have gotten us where we are today, and lists resources you can use to learn more.

  • Volcano World - All about volcanoes. You can even ask a Volcanologist a question.

  • The Weather Dude - Meteorology made simple for kids, parents and teachers. Meteorology A to Z, weather basics, take the weather quiz, and more!

  • WhaleNet - Interested in Whales? You've come to the right place. Interactive Whale Website.

  • Windows to the Universe - A fun and different site about Earth and Space Sciences. Graphics-intensive.

  • Your Gross & Cool Body - Join us in exploring gross body sounds, yucky body stuff, and all the cool science that makes you humans tick! 

  • Dead People Server - Remember whatshisname? He played the guy in that dumb movie with whoziss. What ever happened to him? Specifically, is he dead yet? Find out here.
  • The Declaration of Independence - View the Declaration of Independence, or read the transcript. This site contains other useful links regarding the Declaration of Independence.

  • Discoverers Web - All about famous explorers and discoverers. Covers ancient times through today.
  • Famous Trials of the Twentieth Century - Grades 9-12 - This collection was developed at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. While intended for college students, it presents a wealth of information on more than a dozen different high-profile 20th century court cases, including the Scopes trial. The site also includes references to other resources dealing with American courts in the 20th century.
  • Lesson Plans and Resources for Social Studies Teachers
  • The Supreme Court - Grades 6-12 - Though several law schools have maintained excellent Supreme Court sites for years, the Court now has its own site, containing dockets, decisions, historical information, and much more. This site is not written for students, so they may need help with some areas.
  • Geographical Directory Of World Paper Money: - View the World's vast array of paper money.
  • Study In England - Have an experience of a lifetime while studying abroad in England, one of the most important cities in the world
  • Teachers Helping Teachers - Social Studies lesson plans.
  • Time Capsule - Enter a date and find out what life was like at that date. Did you know that on October 7, 1959 gas was .25/gal, a stamp cost .04 and the average income was $5,016.00? It's true!
  • The White House - email President Bush or the First Lady!
  • 50 States and Capitals - Need info on any of the 50 states? Get it here.
  • The Living Africa - The people, the land, the wildlife, the national parks. Take a virtual safari!
  • AtmoSphere - aims to provide students with all the educational material they need to learn the Geography atmosphere syllabus at their own pace.
  • Country Watch - Website to the World: Find current information about any country of the world. General information, people and history, economy, agriculture, energy, metals, environment, and more.
  • Dept. of Geography Search Find geography departments all around the world.
  • Earth - Devoted to the big blue marble we call home. All about our earth's physical geography.
  • Geography - maps, time zones, new countries, climate and cultural geography. Good site!
  • Geography Web Sites - Nice collection of links!
  • GeoResources - A geography website designed for 11-18 year old students and their teachers. It has hundreds of links catagorized by age group. It also includes case studies, virtual fieldwork, a weekly quiz, outline maps and much more...
  • Great Lakes Information Network - At the Great Lakes Information Network, you'll learn
    about the lakes' ecosystems, natural interrelationships, and the impact people have had upon this important freshwater system.
  • How far is it? Enter two places and find out how far apart they are.
  • Infonation - Allows you to view and compare the most up-to-date statistical data for the Member States of the United Nations.
  • InternetGeographer - Great source for everything geography related.
  • The Library of Congress Country Studies - an excellent resource for information on the world's countries - type in the topic and then select the country.


  • Atlapedia Online: Contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
  • Gheos World Atlas - Maps of the world, comprehensive, but somewhat slow loading. Good site, if you have some time.
  • Global Climate maps - Nice website if you are interested in climate maps.
  • Mapquest.com - Maps, maps and more maps.
  • National Geographic Map Machine - Maps of everywhere. Check out the view from above.
  • Outline Maps - Need a map for homework? This is a great resource to print out all kinds of maps: political, states, labels, no labels, world, and more!
  • Rare Map Collection - Like to look at old maps? this is the place for you!
  • Exploring the Ocean Planet - All about the earth's oceans.
  • RiverResource - A place where students of rivers can explore valuable river resources--a gateway to productive internet exploration. At RiverResource you won't find the facts, but rather the connections to facts, books, and people studying rivers. Here classrooms can share the information they are gathering about rivers.
  • Welcome to TerraServer - A huge repository of aerial photographs and satellite images taken from miles overhead that you can view and purchase.
  • Third from the Sun: Geographical Features Seen From Space - Grades 3-6 - The Exploratorium - This site is a self-guided tour and history of using satellites to see the earth from above. There are a few mysterious pictures taken from space for students to identify as well as a section explaining how NASA’s LandSat works. This would make good supplementary material for a unit of study on space or landforms. 
  • US Census Bureau Geographic Services and Information - A plethora of geographic information.
  • The Virtual Geography Dept - Resources for geographers from the University of Texas at Austin.
  • VirtualTourist.com - Real travelers sharing real information. Cool site!
  • The Weather Channel - Check out breaking weather news or the forecast for anywhere.
  • World Travel Guide - Virtual travel to nearly any country of the world via Yahoo!

Australia and New Zealand:









  • Education Central   - The Communication & Resource Center for Professional Educators - Michigan


New Jersey

  • Newark Public Schools - The Newark Public Schools is dedicated to providing a quality education designed to equip each graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to be a productive citizen.

New York


  • Winchester Thurston is an independent, coeducational, non-sectarian day school serving students in the Pittsburgh area from kindergarten readiness through the twelfth grade. We are a diverse community of learners that emphasizes academic excellence in a nurturing environment.

South Carolina

  • Taylors Elementary  School - The mission of our school, in cooperation with the home and the community, is to help each student develop to his fullest potential by providing meaningful educational experiences. Located in beautiful Taylors, SC.


World History Sites
American History Sites:
  • 1950's America - Everything related to living in the USA in the 1950's. Check it out!

  • Abraham Lincoln Online - Pictures, speeches, facts. Get interactive with our 16th President.

  • American Indians and the Natural World - Grades 4-12 - This site from Pittsburgh's Carnegie Library offers perspectives on the natural universe from four different Native American Tribes. Each section describes how tribal customs, culture, and worship were tied to the characteristics of the environments in which the tribe lived. The site is well researched and beautifully presented. 

  • American Museum of Natural History - Packed with educational activities, photos and virtual exhibit tours.

  • The American West - All about the wild, wild west. Ghost towns, cowboys, outlaws, women of the west, trading companies, etc.

  • Biographies - Biographies of famous people throughout history. Great information for reports.

  • The Gulf War - Brought to you by PBS. Maps, weapons, chronology, personal stories and more.

  • Historyguy.com - Information about wars and conflicts. American Politics and Government, Historical Personalities, Governments of the World, Military History, New and Recent Conflicts of the World.

  • History Timelines on the Web - Every imaginable timeline is found at this site, from Mesa Verdes timeline to Kenya timeline to Colonial Williamsburg timeline, and on and on....

  • The History Net - World and US history, eyewitness accounts, personality profiles, battles, interviews, arms and armies, and much more.

  • HyperHistory Online - Interactive world history chart covers 3,000 years of people, events and maps.

  • JFK Photo History - (History Place) Interesting collection of photos from John F. Kennedy's life.

  • Korean War Project - Need information on the Korean War? This comprehensive site is the place to find it.

  • Lewis and Clark - Extensively researched site, even features an interactive game for young explorers.

  • Normandy: 1944 - Buildup, invasion, fighting inland, breakout and Normandy in memory.

  • Notable Citizens of Planet Earth - A great Internet resource for both teachers and students. This searchable biographical dictionary provides references to over 18,000 notable people living from ancient times to today. Each entry contains the person's birth and death dates, professions, literary and artistic works, honors, and other noteworthy achievements.

  • The Oregon Trail - All about the trail!

  • Revolutionary War - Causes of the war, battles, main events, teacher's guide. 

  • San Francisco 1906 Earthquake and Fire - Comprehensive site regarding the big event: timeline, "shoot to kill" order, eyewitness accounts, map, who perished, and more.

  • The Uboat war 1939-45 - Extensive site naming all of the boats with operations, fates, maps, victories, losses, flotillas, bases, types, commanders, crew and more!

  • The Underground Railroad - A virtual journey on the underground railroad. Brought to you by National Geographic.com.

  • Distinguished Women of Past and Present - Biographies of women who contributed to our culture in many different ways. There are writers, educators, scientists, heads of state, politicians, civil rights crusaders, artists, entertainers, and others. Some were alive hundreds of years ago and some are living today.

Museum Sites:

K-12 Educational Outreach Programs:

  • [Cool]Earth Balloon - Interactive Earth Studies - Features a 22' globe students enter to learn about the changing earth. K-12 curriculum. Enter the Earth Balloon and learn about rain forests, the ring of fire, pollution, environmental science, earth science, geography, etc.
  •   Life Skills School Assembly Program - Make Life Skills and Character Education unforgettable for your K-6 students with our robot-taught special assembly programs!
  • Schoolgigs.com - Information on presenting and performing arts-in-education programs and assembly programs in schools.
  • Stars Science Theatre - Mike Francis brings astronomy to life with The Starry Messenger, the Stargazer's Apprentice and Night Skies. A Physical Science and Physics teacher and formerly a lecturer at the Charles Hayden Planetarium, Mr. Francis combines twenty-five years of professional acting experience on stage, film and television with the science of astronomy to educate and entertain.
  • Hands On Science Outreach - non-profit, after-school science enrichment program for children from the Pre-K level through 6th grade.
  • Become a Rock Detective - Based on classroom tested earth science mysteries. Features a Large Kit of Rocks, Fossils and Minerals. Exceeds National Science Education Content Standards. Includes Step-by-Step Instructions. Great for both science and non-science oriented teachers.
  • School Assemblies for Busy Teachers - a site where teachers can freely download and submit assembly ideas, scripts and links.
  • "Wildman" Steve Brill - Naturalist/Author/Broadcaster/Artist - a well-known environmental educator, naturalist, and author based in NYC and specializing in wild edible and medicinal plants and mushrooms.

Other Education Resource Sites:

  • abcteach - This site offers free printable activities, lessons, homework helpers, and theme units for kids, parents and teachers.
  • Breaking News Lessons for ESL - Free, 100% copiable, still-breaking news lessons from Earth’s most right-up-to-date news and current affairs materials resource. Over 20 communicative ideas per lesson. Saves planning, energizes classrooms. Ideal for private students, small groups, conversation or university classes. As the news breaks, teach it.
  • Cemetery Studies - [Cool]Cool Site! "Why study about the cemetery?" (In my most adult voice, I try to answer.) Going to a local cemetery can have many educational values. One main purpose of this to encourage an appreciation of the unique historical significance of that place. Nearly every community has an old cemetery of historic and educational value. A study of it can reveal much about the lives of people of the past. Once there you can enjoy the wonderful artwork and architecture of the mausoleums. A cemetery is a quiet place; much contemplation can take place there. One can learn about the philosophy prevailing and their decoration and epitaphs. Gaze upon the monuments and come to understand the statuary and iconography common upon them. Of course the students just think, "This is a really cool day!" - Cemetery lesson plans.
  • D & W's Elementary Teacher's Resources - A collection of ideas & assistance for student teachers, new teachers and experienced elementary teachers in the areas of behavior/ classroom management, grading & grade books, language & science instruction including science fairs, role playing/simulations, software, clip art, children's books and more. Support, including an email list, for student & first year teachers.
  • Edhelper.com - Over 250 worksheets from Algebra to Trigonometry. Also a listing of webquests, lesson plans, and educational programs as well.
  • Ed's Oasis - Connect with other educators at this site. Lesson plan library arranged by grade and subject.
  • EDSITEment - offers teachers and parents a guide to the top web sites in literature and language arts, foreign language, arts and culture, and history and social studies, as well as classroom-ready lesson plans that draw on Internet resources.
  • Education Links Page - General education links, math, social studies, science, homework helpers and homeschool links.
  • Educationworld.com - Teachers and administrators can spend hours reading thousands of articles. The site has reviews of web sites and books, and detailed age specific lesson plans with national curriculum standards.
  • English Grammar The Easy Way - Everyone can learn English; this site explains English, so that everyone can understand.
  • Exworthy Educational Links: More Than 5300 Web Links to Outstanding Educational Sites for Parents, Teachers and Students.REQUEST@netpals.lsoft.com", or by visiting their site.
  • freeworksheets.com - The easy to print worksheets make this a handy site for teachers and parents. Most are geared for ties, links, a newsletter and free software.
  • GeoSource - The 3100+ links web directory for human and physical geography, planning and environmental science.
  • Inspice Lost & Found - Lost something? We may have it
  • Kidsgames.org - Games for kids from 6 to 10.
  • Kidsites.org - The best directory for kids on the web
  • The Lesson Plans Page - a collection of over 300 lesson plans in math, science, social studies, music, art, language arts, etc.
  • Lesson Plan Search - Thousands of lesson plans! Science, math, music, reading, drama, social studies thematic units, visual arts and more!
  • Math Lessons - a resource for teachers, offering unique and innovative lesson plans, games and activities for teaching fractions.
  • MiddleWeb - provides links, resources, and original  reporting for middle school teachers, parents, and others interested  in raising student achievement and reforming middle grades education.  Special focus on classroom assessment, academic standards, and  performance-based teaching. Weekly diaries reveal the real work of  middle grades teachers.
  • Mrs. Foreman's Homeroom - A nice collection of links: lesson plan sites, resources by subject area, ESOL sites, teacher resource sites, resources for learning disabilities, classroom management resources, dealing with attention deficit disorders, and more!
  • Not Just For Teachers! - Links to everything educational along with a nice review of each of the sites listed.
  • Pratt's Educational Resources - Lesson plans & ideas are aimed at children from infancy through the elementary grades. Also arts & crafts, games, activities (including activities using books), recipes, and some worksheets for children (including some in Spanish). Many links for children through high school in many subject areas.
  • The Reflective Teacher - Discussions, teacher store, state by state standards, teacher links, and more!
  • RHL School, Free Worksheets and More: Your place to get an enormous supply of free quality worksheets for teaching, reinforcement, and review. Looking for lesson plans? Many of these worksheets can serve as the basis for lessons.
  • Room 108: An educational activity center for kids. The kids stories make this site unique. The stories have sound and animation. There is lots of fun for children but all with an educational focus. The children's stories have animation and sound. All the games are fun but educationally based. There's songs, art, math, kids games, children's stories and much more. This site is owned and operated by primary teacher John Rickey. All music arrangements ©John Rickey. Need music for your site? Contact Midi Design.
  • Schoolexpress.com - Thousands of free worksheets, kids activities and free software.
  • Science NetLinks - offers teachers a comprehensive guide to science, technology and mathematics web sites and a growing library of Internet-based learning activities that draw upon the AAAS Project 2061 Benchmarks for Science Literacy. 
  • SchoolZone - Everyone who has something to do with a school, from administrators, service providers, educators, students and parents, will find something useful here.
  • Science Hobbyist - Science projects, tesla, weird science, amateur science, weird science and more!
  • TeacherDesktop - TeachersDesktop.com is a user-friendly dynamic internet portal that provides a comprehensive collection of educational resources, products, and services to meet the needs of its users; the community of teachers, parents and educators nationwide.
  • Teach the Children Well - A directory of over 3000 sites for students in grades k-4 as well as their parents and teachers. 
  • Teacher Idea Exchange - Great source for teachers. Lesson plans, bulletin board, links, and more!
  • Teacher Ideas and Resources - Bulletin board ideas, chat links, education announcements, articles, lesson plans, student sites, teacher sites, message boards, and more!
  • Teacher Information Network - Organizations, Resources, Teacher Sites (Reviewed), Schools on the Internet, U.S.D.O.E., State D.O.E.'s
  • The Teaching Tank - Visual science activities for Home School or classroom. 150 great hands-on lessons in biology, chemistry, earth science, physics and math with complete instructions, including materials, procedure, theory, and more, are currently available for this new teaching aid.
  • Teaching Tips: Ideas to inspire and support teachers. If you're just starting out as a teacher or if you are a veteran teacher, this site will have lots of timesaving & sanity-saving ideas for you!
  • Teaching Treasures educational Site - Online interactive projects for students K-10 in all subjects. There are free downloadable worksheets, projects, hundreds of links listed alphabetically and much more.
  • Teachnet: Online resources for teachers, home schoolers, education students, administrators and college professors. Updated daily with the Brainstorm of the Day.
  • The Teacher's Corner - The place for Primary & Intermediate Teacher Resources. Lesson plans, thematic units, and seasonal items. A great educational resource!
  • TeacherFeatures.com - A wide array of information for the educator. Units, themes, lesson plans, book nook, articles, featured school sites and site of the week. Nice resource!
  • Teacher's First - A collection of Internet resources and K-12 lesson plans from around the world - grouped by subject and grade level. Includes "Learning the Web" instructions for teachers, a "Toolbox" for free downloadable computer enhancements, and a Teacher's Lounge.
  • Teacher/Pathfinder Educational Village
  • Teacher Zone - Educational resources, links, discussion board, lesson plans, bookstore, free stuff, and more!
  • Williams Class - A collection of 6th, 7th and 8th grade science projects and learning resources. Also includes 7th grade Literature and Language projects and assignemnts. 
  • Xpeditions - features an interactive geography museum with exhibits keyed to the National Geography Standards, a collection of standards-based lesson plans, special interactive Family Xpeditions, Blue Ribbon Links to outstanding geography sites, resources for teachers and parents and a global atlas of outline maps specially designed for print out.

Educational Materials:

  • ABC Teacher's Outlet© A CHILD MIS-EDUCATED IS A CHILD LOST ~ John F. Kennedy  - Give your child the gift of knowledge today! This site is GREAT for anyone who has or works with children. Educational materials for Preschool thru 6th grade. Join their mailing list or monthly news letter.

  • Balance Publishing Company specializes in radio drama related teaching materials for the secondary language arts classroom (6th grade and up).  Our multi-media literature units (Read-Along Radio Dramas) are designed to motivate language arts students to write, read, listen, speak and collaborate more effectively.

  • Coloringpage.org - Coloring pages for kids up to ten!

  • Film Ideas, Inc.- Award winning videos, CD's and DVD's in all subject areas.

  • Learning Abilities Books - Lesson plans, tips, memory skills, etc. plus books for children and
    educators regarding regular and special education.

  • Live and Learn - The Live And Learn web site is actually two sites in one. We have The Learning Pages, which has information and resources for teachers, daycare providers and concerned parents. And we have the Live And Learn Online Catalog, which features high quality educational and specialty toys at discounted prices.

  • Oxygraphics - Award-winning books etc on Global Climate Change, Photosynthesis and related topics. On paper, CD,  by download, or license to schools and libraries for further distribution

  • Phillip Roy, Inc. is a publisher of educational materials to help students transition into work and community living. Our materials include social skills, academic skills, employabilitiy skills, consumerism skills, and parenting skills.

  • Schoolcatalogs.net - Looking for educational supplies or resources? It's all here! We've got over 1000 of the finest school supply vendors waiting inside for you to explore their websites and online catalogs!

  • Science2Discover - Interactive science and biotechnology site that sells science books for children. Both students and educators will enjoy and find many valuable things related to science and biotechnology.

  • Songs 4 Teachers - Ready to use, practical resources for the non-musical person. Songs arranged by theme.

  • TeacherTimeSavers.com - Teacher TimeSavers Publishes Teacher Friendly Teaching Units, Lesson Plans, Novel Studies and other Educational Materials for the Classroom. Written by Classroom Teachers for Classroom Teachers

  • UpToTen - the portal for kids... up to ten!

  • The Teaching Tank - Visual science activities for Home School or classroom. 150 great hands-on lessons in biology, chemistry, earth science, physics and math with complete instructions, including materials, procedure, theory, and more, are currently available for this new teaching aid.

Sites For Teachers: