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Earth Adventure programs travels to schools across the country. Our instructor will facilitate all programs at your school.


Earth Balloon

Earth Walk


$1000 per day*

$1000 per day

All other states

$1200 per day**

$1200 per day

* There may be a mileage expense for schools over 50 miles from Minneapolis.

**Call to see if we are in your area.  Otherwise, travel fees may apply.



Earth Adventure programs travels across the country. Our instructor accompanies the Earth Balloon. We provide programs for the following:

  • Earth Day Events
  • Summer Programs
  • International Festivals
  • Water Festivals
  • Corporate Events

All Areas

Earth Balloon

Earth Walk

Standard Work Day of up to 8 Hours

$1600 per day, plus travel

$1600 per day, plus travel

Additional Hours (beyond 8)

$200 per hour

$200 per hour

  • Use of the Earth Balloon portable classroom or the Earth Walk floor map
  • Earth Adventure instructor to facilitate the program
  • Pre- and post-program Study Guide that includes
    • Parent Information Handout
    • Worksheets that are aligned with the National Geography Standards
    • Miscellaneous activities and fun facts
  • Age- and grade-level education standards-based content
  • Program flexibility – we can tailor our programs to meet your needs

Contact Earth Adventure either by e-mail or phone to arrange for a program to visit your location. Remember to review the requirements for the program prior to providing the following information:

  • Preferred date(s) and time for your Earth Adventure
  • Contact information
  • Details; i.e. number of classes that will participate and grades involved
  Earth Balloon, Inc. is the developer and manufacturer of the Earth Balloon and Earth Walk Floor Map. Contact Earth Balloon, Inc. for purchase or lease details.
Earth Balloon, Inc.