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Conduct a Google search on the Internet, type in "Grants Search," and find access to many sources of educational grants. A particularly helpful site is www.schoolgrants.org. This website also contains grant-writing tips.


Many local businesses, such as banks or realtors, are interested
in sponsoring school programs.


Approach the decision maker of the business with your request.
Invite the local press to the event. Businesses are especially appreciative if they see their generosity reflected in the local newspaper.
In addition to public recognition, send a personal thank-you letter.
Businesses may be able to write off donations if your organization is a 501(c)3.
Continue with the relationship by asking the donors to attend other school events.
Many school districts have established foundations or endowments where grants monies are available. Call your local school district office to find out if such a foundation exists in your area.   Bring an Earth Adventure program to your school by charging students a modest field trip fee.  



Ask families to donate one or two items that are either small or large. Baked goods work well too.
Make it a community event by inviting the community to contribute auction items and attend the auction.
Ask local businesses to donate auction items or consumables for the event.
  www.grantsalert.com - Free access to up-to-date announcements of education funding opportunities.
  www.afterschool.gov - Federal dollars for during out-of-school hours.
  www.education-world.com/grants - Current education grants, additional grant sources, and grant writing tips and resources.
  www.fundnetservices.com - Provides grant writing and fundraising resources.
  www.topschoolfundraisers.com/grant - Grants for teachers to enhance student learning.


Title I: funding for at-risk students
Title II: professional development funding
Title V: library funding