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We appreciate the positive responses about our programs. Here are just a few.
The Earth Balloon was a hit with every grade level. Teachers have commented that they can still refer back to the experience even if it was weeks ago. We have guest speakers come to our school every year and this was the best program to help children understand their place in the world..... from the inside out!

Teachers asked if you come back, if they can sleep in it during the time no children are in there. I believe that there is a great opportunity to create professional development workshops for teachers after the scheduled school day with children. There is a lot that teachers need to learn about our earth. Let me know if you guys come back to Allen. I would like to help set up something like that for our teachers! I will organize getting everyone there..... you guys just do your thing! Thanks again!!
– Teacher, Allen, TX
As Stefan is on his way back to Minnesota, I just wanted to let you know what a great experience we had with the Earth Balloon here in Anderson 5.

Stefan was a most effective and efficient facilitator, and it was clear that the kids took to him immediately. I went to the 3 schools at the beginning of each instructional day, and Stefan was always upbeat and ready to go. I really enjoyed talking with him, and I hope we will be able to have him come back again soon (perhaps in the second semester).

I have been querying students, teachers, and administrators over the last three days, and I have yet to hear any comment about the program that was not glowing. I think it may well be the best money we've ever spent on an instructional program outside the traditional classroom.

Congratulations to you all for operating such an informative and worthwhile enterprise. I look forward to having the occasion to talk with you about more visits in the future.
– Social Studies Coordinator, Anderson School District Five, Anderson, SC

What a phenomenal experience this program was for everyone involved in any way! John was an excellent facilitator–personable, knowledgeable, flexible, patient, gracious, kind to young and old alike. He was able to roll with the punches as the unexpected arose. The Earth Balloon program was awesome and did provide a perspective of the planet we never experience despite "knowing about it."

Our students and visitors as well had positive comments–the news media was here and your website was publicized. Hopefully it will bring many more hits starting today and allow you to continue spreading ecological literacy for the survival of our home, the Planet Earth!

Thank you for the many notes and responses we needed from you. You were so prompt and reassuring in all you provided for us. In a few days, we hope to send to you and John pictures, supplementary items we found helpful, and generally items we think might be of interest to you.

– Principal, Notre Dame School, St Louis, MO
On behalf of the staff and students of Margaret M. Pierce Elementary School, I would like to thank you on your recent visit with the Earth Balloon. This was truly an amazing and educational event for our school. Children from all grades are still talking about the program and using the information in their studies. The 1st graders made globes that are proudly hanging in their classroom and the 3rd graders are studying continents and their unique qualities. The other classes are using materials from the program for math, science and geography.

I have been contacted by several other schools in the county who are trying to obtain information about the Earth Balloon and I have forwarded your information to them and hope they get the opportunity to experience this wonderful program.
Thanks again and I wish you the best of luck with your future programs. I know we will be in touch for future visits.

– PTO Pres., Margaret M. Pierce Elementary, Warrenton, VA


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This excellent representation of the earth and its' peoples was prepared by some students of Parkview Center School in Roseville, MN after their participation in the Earth Balloon program.
"Wow, wow, wow! This was the best day of my life. I just love that earth!"
"We sat on ice but it wasn't cold."
"Cool volcano. I like it"
"Wow, scientists are still learning about our earth!"
"I liked going to the middle of the earth because I have never been there before."
"That balloon was bigger than my teacher."
"We went inside and it was totally cool!"
"I would go to the North Pole if I could!"
"We got to see Madagascar!"
"It was cool because it was so, so, so big!"
"I really like America."