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Earth Adventure is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve K-12 science, geography, and standards-based aptitudes and competencies through supplemental learning activities and programs which enhance classroom curriculum.

To meet its mission, Earth Adventure:
  • Promotes its unique avenue of exploration and discovery with tools and hands on activities which
    • captures the imagination,
    • engages the participants, and are
    • innovative in approach
  • Provides its resources to schools, organizations, and the public everywhere, with a focus on disadvantaged youth and underserved school districts
  • Provides a new perspective of our earth and helps students to understand their place in it
  • Cooperates with other organizations that have similar goals
  • Use of the Earth Balloon portable classroom or the Earth Walk floor map
  • Earth Adventure instructor to facilitate the program
  • Pre- and post-program Study Guide that includes
    • Parent Information Handout
    • Worksheets that are aligned with the National Geography Standards
    • Miscellaneous activities and fun facts
  • Age- and grade-level education standards-based content
  • Program flexibility – we can tailor our programs to meet your needs
Our Earth Adventure instructors are high energy education professionals with an enthusiasm for what they do. A facilitator will bring Earth Balloon or Earth Walk to your site and present all programs.
The following organizations are partnering with Earth Adventure to assist in accomplishing its mission.  

Earth Balloon, Inc.
U.S. Satellite Laboratory, Inc.
Laskowski Family Foundation

Medtronic Foundation