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Earth Adventure programs feature Earth Walk, a 16' x 20' floor map of the continental United States. Earth Walk is a high resolution satellite image with true to life earth colors. Students will walk the United States from coast to coast on an adventure of discovery like no other!
Geography on the Go!: Geography of the United States including natural resources (lakes, rivers, mountains), states, capitals, and regions This program is comprehensive and recommended for the initial visit for grades K–2.
Walk Your Watershed: All about water This program focuses on water resources for grades 3+.
Program Requirements
  • One class of up to 35 students at a time and up to 12 classes served in a school day
  • Programs may run from 20–50 minutes per class
  • Allow 30 minutes for set up
  • Exclusive use of an indoor area with a flat surface area of approximately 20' x 30'
  • Outdoor use is prohibited
  • Grade level specific
  • Map skills and United States geography
  • Can be adapted to specific needs and requirements
  • Based on research, national geography standards, and state science standards
  • Fun, active, hands-on activities with 100% student involvement
  • Builds knowledge of physical geography
  • Promotes map skills development and master of cardinal and intermediate directions
  • Builds state identification and location
  • Reinforces overhead perspective

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