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Earth Adventure programs feature the Earth Balloon, a 20' diameter model of the earth. The Earth Balloon is an inflatable globe of the earth made up of a high resolution satellite image with true to life colors.

K-8 Earth Balloon Programs

The Earth Balloon program is most often used in elementary and middle schools as a school assembly program.  Grade level appropriate content is taught that includes specific learning objectives and matches to many earth science and geography education standards.  Programs include content presentation, interactive question and answers, inquiry based learning, demonstration and activity.


  Grade K:  Our Amazing Earth - animals and their environments
  Grade 1: Hello Meet the Earth - an introduction to the planet
  Grade 2: Earth Explorations - continents and oceans
  Grade 3: Rain or Shine - climate and weather of Earth
  Grade 4: Biomes of the Earth- rain forests, deserts, and more
  Grade 5: The Fractured Earth - a look at plate tectonics
  Grade 6:  Our Ever Changing Earth - processes that shape and form the planet
  Grade 7:  It's a Jungle Out There - rain forests, ecosystems, and more
  Grade 8:  Planet Earth Begins With the Letter "C" - continents, countries, cities, and current events



Programs for K-12, Parents, and Community

Other Programs are available that focus on additional topics and content.  These programs can be used across K-12 grade levels, as well as with adult audiences, community events, festivals, etc.

Hello - Meet the Earth: Geography and earth science overview
The Fractured Earth Earthquakes, volcanoes, and plate tectonics
All About Water Water resources around the world
It's a Jungle Out There Rain forests and ecosytems
Stories From Around The World

Children's literature from around the world. 

May qualify for Title 1 funding

The Green Earth Recycling, conservation, sustainability
Human Footprint on Planet Earth Man's impact on planet earth - including rain forests and ecosystems
The Earth in 3D! 5-day program created by U.S. Satellite Laboratory, Inc. for NASA for grades 4-6.  There is an additional cost for this program

"3-D View" program and pricing details.


Program Requirements

  • One class of up to 30 students at a time and up to 12 classes per day
  • Programs may run from 20-50 minutes per class
  • Exclusive use of an indoor area with a 17-foot ceiling clearance
  • Outdoor use is prohibited
  • Grade level specific
  • Standards-based content
  • Landforms, bodies of water, ecosystems, plate tectonics, etc.
  • Can be adapted to specific needs and requirements
  • Based on research, national geography standards, and state science standards
Points of Interest
  • Students enter the Earth Balloon through the International Date Line
  • Students sit on Antarctica inside the globe
  • Students see the earth in its entirety inside the globe
  • The Earth Balloon is constructed from 24 panels, one for every time zone, or every hour of the day
  • The Earth Balloon's scale is 1" on the Earth Balloon is equal to 30 miles on the earth
  • Set up and take down takes less than 10 minutes
  • Builds knowledge of geography, earth science, and environmental science
  • Promotes map skills development and mastery of cardinal and intermediate directions
  • Interactive with hands-on activities – engaging and fun

Schedule Examples

Purchasing or Leasing an Earth Balloon

Interested in purchasing or leasing an Earth Balloon? Click here